21 Cool iPhone Apps for Digital Artists

Published by admin on January 19, 2011

Digital art is a relatively new area of interest, but it has gained tremendous following in its few years of popularity. Once relegated to a home computer or laptop; digital artists are finding today that they can use many electronic tools for work, including their iPhones. Check out these 21 iPhone apps we think digital artists will love. You’ll find both apps for creating work and those for enjoying the work of other artists, as well. There are sure to be plenty of apps here that you really want for your own phone.

  1. Bubble Harp: Draw incredible free form images and hear beautiful music to go along with them on this fun and creative app.
  2. Antograph: This is one of the top rated apps for the iPhone. As you move your fingers, you release a string of ants. Move them in interesting ways to create all sorts of cool pictures.
  3. Gravilux: Gravilux is an app that creates some of the most unbelievable pictures you can imagine, by picking up on energy in your palms. You’ll be amazed at the beautiful things you can create with it.
  4. Brushes: This app lets you draw and paint, much like you do in Photoshop. It’s really easy to use.
  5. Layers: This is a great painting program that is one of the easiest to use apps you’ll find. You can play around with multiple layers in your paintings.
  6. Sketchbook Mobile: This app allows you to have a digital sketchbook right on your phone.
  7. Colored Pencils: This app gives you just what it’s name implies: pencils you can color and draw with. They’re easy to use, and you can create great effects.
  8. Flipbook: This is the number one rated animation app for the iPhone.
  9. Art: Anyone who appreciates art will love this free app. It gives you access to the most famous paintings in history, along with information about the painting and the artist.
  10. Tripping Fest 2: Draw cool abstract art on your phone with this app.
  11. Abstract Glowing Art: Create more great art, this time with a glowing effect.
  12. Art Gallery Premium: This is another great app for viewing famous art. See some of the world’s most beautiful art by the world’s greatest artists here.
  13. Toon Paint: Toon paint gives you a great application for making great cartoon like drawings from your own photos.
  14. Whiteboard Pro: This app lets you draw on a white board. But, it also lets you share the whiteboard with others, for a collaborative work. This one is great for artists and business people alike.
  15. I Can Sketch It: This is a fun art game. On the first screen, you’re shown a picture, which you are expected to recreate through sketching on the second screen. It’s a great way to enhance your skills and have fun at the same time.
  16. Digital Artist: This is a great online magazine devoted to the digital art community.
  17. OldBooth: This is a fun little app. It changes your photos into old world style portraits or comic portraits. This is a great way to have a little fun with your friends. There are 60 masks to play with.
  18. Hipstamatic: This is another fun app. It gives your photos that 70’s feel.
  19. iBlueSky: A great brainstorming application for getting ideas out of your head an into a document.
  20. Full Screen Web Browser: Does just what it says: lets you browse on your iPhone in full screen.
  21. BlogPress: Rich text editor, landscape editing, photo uploading and posting to multiple types of blog software. This one is great, and works with nearly any blogging platform you might be using.

With all these apps at your fingertips, you’ll be able to create art easily, on the fly, and you’ll be able to keep up with goings on in the world of digital art no matter where you’re located. You’re sure to find these 21 apps to be fun and useful.

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