Scholarships and College Grants for Art Education Students

Art education students can use scholarships and grants to pay for advanced education, leaving them with less student loan debt upon graduation. But what and the differences between these two sources of money? And how can you find funds to help you pay for college?

Scholarships Versus Grants

Both scholarships and grants provide money for your education that does not have to be repaid when you graduate, as is the case with student loans. Scholarships are given to students based on merit, so if you have a talent, skill or achievements, you could earn scholarships. Many scholarships are also given based on an essay you submit to the scholarship committee. At the master’s degree level, scholarships are usually called fellowships and may come attached with obligations to become a student teacher or research assistant. Grants, on the other hand, are given to students who demonstrate financial need. Some grants are available for your tuition, while other grants are available for specific research projects that you might want to pursue as you earn your master’s degree.

Art Education Scholarships

Scholarships and fellowships are available for art education students from three main sources: directly from college, from the government, and from private organizations. Scholarship availability varies from year to year, but you can start your search for scholarships with organizations that have offered them in the past, such as the National Gallery of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Department of Education, and the Rhode Island Foundation.

Art Education Grants

Like with scholarships, grants for art education students can come fromĀ  private organizations, government departments, or directly from colleges. You can start your search for grants with organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts, the Dana Foundation, the National Art Education Foundation, MetLife, the Getty Foundation, the Missouri Arts Council, and the California Arts Council. You can also find grants available for all students regardless of field of study, which are often more competitive but are also typically award in higher amounts.

Other Financial Aid Sources for Art Education Students

Because teachers with advanced education are in high demand in some areas, the government makes available funds to attract teachers to schools in need. If you work in one of these locations, you could be eligible to have your student loans completely repaid. In addition, if you already work in the field and want to get your master’s degree, your school district may provide funds to pay for your tuition.