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Published by admin on November 17, 2010

One of the great things about technology is the fact that you can find information about almost anything, as well as see interesting images and other media. For art students, the Internet presents a number of great opportunities to find resources related all types of art, and the chance to connect with others.

Whether you are an art education professional, or whether you are just looking to educate yourself better about art, you can find great resources in the form of blogs. Here are 50 great art education blogs:

Elementary and Secondary School Art Education Blogs

If you are interested in learning how to make art interesting to children and teenagers, these blogs are a great place to start. Many of them are written by art educators working in the schools.

  1. The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet: Great resources for art teachers looking to use the Internet to more effectively teach art in the classroom. Also includes resources that work in post-secondary settings.
  2. Art for Small Hands: A great resource for educators and others looking for ways to bring art alive.
  3. Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room: Great art project ideas, and information about teaching art.
  4. Deep Space Sparkle: These art lessons are aimed at helping kids get interested in art. Great resources and ideas.
  5. Art with Mr. E: Learn more about art in the classroom and get great idea for teaching.
  6. Teach Kids Art: Great resources, ideas and more that can help you teach art.
  7. Art is Messy: Lesson plan ideas for art class, and interesting projects and information from an art teacher in China.
  8. PHS Art: An interesting look at what’s happening with an art class at Paris Cooperative High School.
  9. Adventures of an Art Teacher: Learn about life as an art teacher, and see student examples and get ideas for lessons.
  10. Mrs. Art Teacher: Art lesson ideas for those teaching kindergarten through 8th grade.
  11. There’s a Dragon in my Art Room: Interesting ideas for teaching art, as well as samples of student artwork.
  12. Fun Art 4 Kids: Great ideas to help children find inspiration for making their own art.
  13. Art Lessons: Great examples of art lessons that can be used to teach children different art principles.
  14. Art Class Works: Helpful ideas and tips for teaching art.
  15. daisy yellow: Fun ideas, and interesting thoughts on teaching kids to enjoy art.

Post-Secondary Art Education Blogs

If you want to move beyond the kid stuff, you can peruse these blogs, which focus on artistic principles from a more adult standpoint. Includes art school blogs.

  1. that artist woman: Interesting art projects and ideas for those of all ages. You can learn more about many different art forms on this blog.
  2. Carrot Revolution: Interesting insights on art. Meant for students and artists, as well as for educators. A little more advanced material and thoughts on art.
  3. Adgblog: This is the blog of an art school in Italy, aimed at helping you see what is happening in the world of art education.
  4. After Art College: You can dialogue with art students and others, and make connections that can help you as an educator.
  5. Art Education 2.0: This great blog offers insight and help on using technology for art projects.

Art Museum and Gallery Blogs

You can learn a lot about art, and what’s happening in the art world, when you visit blogs run by art museums and art galleries.

  1. Eye Level: The Smithsonian Institute’s art museum has an interesting blog with great ideas.
  2. AGO Art Gallery of Ontario: Interesting news about art, as well as information and resources any art educator can use.
  3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Find out more about different exhibits and enjoy some interactive ideas. A great resource for art teachers.
  4. Riverside Art Museum Blog: A helpful look at events at one museum. Find great ideas on education as well.
  5. Hawk Studios: Blog that focuses on the artists and gallery at Hawk Studios. Great ideas and insights on different types of art.
  6. Asian Art Museum Blog: Interesting news, information and ideas from this blog.
  7. The Modern Blog: A look at modern art from this museum. A great teaching tool.
  8. Hankblog: Look at different styles of art from this gallery. Great for ideas.
  9. Art Museum Blog: Keep up with the art world and find resources from the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
  10. Tacoma Art Museum Docents Blog: A great place to learn more about art, and get ideas about sparking discussion.

Art News Blogs

Learn more about what is happening in the world of art and art education from these interest blogs. You can also find out about education art events.

  1. Art Biz Blog: Interesting news and conversation about being an artist.
  2. beinART Surreal Art Blog: Learn more about surreal art, and the latest developments.
  3. GrierSun: News about art, and interesting resources for educators.
  4. Daily Campello Art News: Commentary and news on the global arts scene.
  5. Art Market Blog: An interesting look, from Nicholas Forrest, about what’s happening in art, and information about art.
  6. New Art: Contemporary art information.
  7. Arts Journal: A great round up of arts news. Get information and find ideas related to what’s happening now.
  8. Read information, news and thoughts from a variety of artists regarding what is happening now.
  9. Art Review: Great resources for teachers looking for ideas and discussion about art.
  10. James Maybe: Offers thoughts on art, news and more.

Professional Artists

It can be quite educational to look through blogs run by professional artists. These blogs can provide you with inspiration and insight.

  1. absent without leave: Interesting blog with art and commentary.
  2. Focus Pocus: View interesting photography from Albert MacSweeny.
  3. My Card. My Work.: An interesting look at art and design.
  4. Drawn: Interesting blog with a focus on animation and cartoon.
  5. Art or Idiocy?: Artist Erik Wenzel discusses art. Plenty of ideas here for teachers to use in class.
  6. 30 Day Artist: Interesting blog that features efforts to balance life as an artist — and a TV director.
  7. Hudson Valley Painter: Insight and art from a painter.
  8. Smarthistory: Thoughts on history, art and technology.
  9. The Poetic Landscape: Examples of landscape art.
  10. What Color Is Your Dream?: Learn more about art from this inspiring blog.

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