5 Free Online Web Apps to Show Off Your Artwork

Published by admin on January 15, 2010

Online apps have added a new dimension to the visual, audio, and other creative arts. Paintbrush has taken over from the paint brush. A new breed of web-savvy graphic designers and animators is more at ease with the mouse than the easel. The cool thing about many web applications for creating art online is that not only are they sophisticated, they are free as well.

Here are five free online web applications for showing off your artwork –

1. PiZap – PiZap is a free online photo editor which is super easy to use. It lets you create one-click effects on your digital photos that can be as wacky and silly as you want them to be. The fun elements here outweigh hardcore functionality; so don’t expect any advanced filters and effects – you have Photoshop for that. The themes, embellishments, add-ons, and stickers that are available to give your image a total makeover make this an amusing web app – one that is ideal for social networkers looking for fun with pictures. Go here for an informative comparison of 15 online photo editors.

2. Sumo Paint – Sumo Paint is a great interactive platform for all those looking for an outlet for their creativity. The free web app is feature-rich, and includes features such as layers, shapes, filters, zooming, symmetry tool, gravity, swatches, smudge, and more. It is probably one of the best if not the best application out there for image enthusiasts that wish to create, edit, and share images online. The application does not hog bandwidth and is very user-friendly. You can register in a jiffy and get started on creating your own masterpieces, be they landscapes, abstract art, cartoons, geometrical designs, etc.

3. Ideone – This one is not so much about showing off your art in its final form; however, it’s a great collaborative tool for online artists. Ideone lets you share code with friends. A great tool for sharing and collaborative debugging of code so that the GIFs and animations that you create are neat. Presently, the application supports 38 programming languages. The code you paste gets automatically checked for bugs, you can share it via social bookmarking sites and also a hash link that is created when you submit the source code.

4. FlockDraw – A seamless real-time collaborative drawing tool that lets people from all over come together and work on a drawing project – so long as it’s a fun project. It’s a fairly straightforward application with a streamlined feature set. It will be great if the application develops into one that serious artists can use, it surely has the potential. As of now it is more of an interface on which you can create and edit doodles and drawings with your friends located elsewhere. That said, it is still a nice free web app that artists can use creatively and have fun with.

5. You Convert It – An all-in-one file conversion and file sharing web app that lets you share images, text, videos, and much more. It’s a useful application for changing formats of media files so that these can be shared easily between multiple parties. The site is a neat bridge that spans different software types and versions used to develop content. Convert your video masterpiece into an MP3, wav file, flash video file, real media file, etc. You can even use the application to send files of up to 1000 MB to friends. You can add 5 files at one time.

The web apps mentioned here are great ones but there are many more superlative web apps out there that you can use to create and share your art. Vozme, for example converts text into audio. A nice way to share your award-winning short story with a visually challenged friend. The usefulness of these applications is limited only by the imaginative ways in which you can combine and use them.

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