17 Art Educators Worth Following on Twitter

Published by admin on October 19, 2010

If you’re an art education major, you’ll likely enjoy following other art educators who are making a difference in the world of education. You can learn about current trends in teaching art, events going on at various art galleries and even keep up with education legislation that might affect funding for art programs in our schools. Here are 17 art educators worth a follow on Twitter.

  1. Art Educators of Minnesota: This is a professional organization of art educators in Minnesota. They will keep you up to date on art education happenings from the North.
  2. Art is Education: This is the Twitter page for a Bay Area group working to leverage art in every aspect of education in their community.
  3. Art Educators of NCT: This Texas based group is a non profit organization affiliated with the Texas Art Education Association. They work to promote art in all aspects of education in Texas.
  4. Southwest Art School: Keep in touch with the world of higher art education by following the Southwest Art School in San Antonio Texas. The Southwest School of Art is a nationally recognized leader in arts education, offering studio programs for more than 4000 adults, children and teens annually. Beginning in 2013, they will offer a BFA degree. They also offer lots of contemporary art exhibits.
  5. Art Teacher Jobs: Keep up with the available jobs for art teachers by following these tweets. If you’re in need of a job as an art teacher, this is a great tweet for you to follow.
  6. Summercore: Summercore is an art teacher at the The Town School in New York.
  7. Create Great Art: Follow the tweets of a Raleigh North Carolina teacher whose mission is to inspire young artists.
  8. New York Art Teacher: Follow this New York art teacher who strives to bring technology into the classroom.
  9. Tats and Art Educator: Follow the tweets of a tattooed art teacher in Memphis.
  10. Art Ottawa: Follow the activities at the Ottawa School of Art. The Ottawa School of Art is the leading centre for visual arts education and creative expression in the Ottawa region.
  11. Herron Art School: Keep up with the activities at Herron Art School in Indianapolis, Indiana. Herron School of Art and Design has more than 900 students and more than 70 faculty. They are part of the Indiana University –Purdue University Indianapolis. Herron is ranked among the top 50 MFA degree programs in the United States.
  12. University of Washington School of Art: The University of Washington in Seattle has a great art program. Keep up with what’s going on and even with what alumni are up to on this Twitter page.
  13. Glasgow School of Art: Follow the activities at the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland.
  14. Hartford Art: Follow the faculty of the Hartford Art School in Hartford, Connecticut. This school is part of the University of Hartford, and includes a state of the art Visual Arts Complex.
  15. Sydney Art School: Keep up with what’s going on at Sydney Art School, one of Australia’s newest art schools.
  16. School of Art at CMU: This is the official Twitter page of the Art School at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
  17. The Art School of New Jersey: This is the Twitter page of the Art School of New Jersey, a non-profit art school and fine art gallery just north of NYC. This school offers classes for artists of all ages, and they feature exhibits from up and coming local artists.

With all these art teachers and programs to follow, you can keep up with lots of information about the world of art education. Art education is an ever changing world, especially since public school budget cuts have threatened to minimize funds for art programs in our schools. Forums like Twitter not only help art educators keep up with what’s going on, but also provide a way for educators to band together to help ensure that the arts continue to have their rightful place in education programs.

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